Midweek hunt some cool finds

had an early midweek hunt busy for rest of the week,chose a spot witch had produced some old stuff before.had a great hunt,six pieces of silver,some very nice coins condition wise.also a 1902 ed v11 princess alexandra coronation medal,can just make out june 26th 1902,but i read it was rescheduled because he was ill to aug 9th 1902, bit of trivia ,also a silver back to a brooch alas no front bit,good luck,be nice to see a few more finds from around the country…IMG_2229 IMG_2232 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2238 IMG_2239 IMG_2240


Some great finds there Roy well done, popped out tonight got a few coins highlight was a 1921 shilling first of that type for me.

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I looked and looked an dlooked at that 1935 sixpence and thought ‘Fuck a bloody duck hes found a 1935 threepence’ - The question is Am I a dumb bastard or merely having a senior moment?
I did once find a 1935 threepence but havent mentioned it on the site because I cant find it to show it - I put things away; - Car keys, debit card, wallet, Telefuckingphone and so on and need I say more? - If I find it one day I will show it.
I also saw the two monarchs heads on the copper what ever it is and thought ‘Shit a bloody brick hes found a William and Mary copper’ - cripey that would put it in the 1690 era.
I do like that sixpence though Roy - its a cracker and I also like the other silvers.

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keep it together lammerlaw they say it gets worse as you get older,god help us!!!

see that blob on the obverse of the sixpence do you recon thats die error or corrosion lammerlaw see a lot of that on 6d and 3d 50% coins.

If you give the blob a scratch with your fingernail the silver will flake off, kinda like delamination? Almost looks like a base metal underneath but I guess that’s just the corrosion that caused it in the first place.

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i recenly watched a guy in dunedin making a coin ring with a nz florin he was heating it up to anneal it and it exploded the top surface came right off as one piece but it looked silver underneath it i always thought it was an proper mix and not a plated coin…which would mean making a blank first and then dipping and stamping sounds like a lot of trouble.

Roy - I saw that blob. Is it solid or does it appear hollow underneath? I have never seen a coin or medal delaminate like that but that does not mean that it is impossible.

I have how ever seen blobs like that on coins and got one in the change about a year ago with a similar blob. This is a flaw which results from a broken die and some can be quite valuable…this is the most valuable dollar coin I have ever got!

They call this flaw a ‘cud’ - note the cud or lump of unstamped metal behind the K1W1

It almost looks as though your coin has one of them. I have never heard of it on that particular sixpense nor is it listed in any reference. If it is genuine then it may be the only one known in which case kiss goodbye to silver, face value or standard collector value for a coininthat condition and hello dollar signs!

I love it - marvellous. Yes I had noticed it and wondered but decided it was just a bit of something stuck to it.

hi lammerlaw,its strange ive had this many times on nz 6d and 3d coins,so you would think it could happen on any other 50%coin,but ive never seen it on oz or uk coins i used to think it was the dipping into lemon juice for a few secs but the errors were there before that,i check them now ive also poked them hit them they seem solid enough .that dollar coin is a real rare one.

I have seen delamination on coins I have detected as though acid dampness from acidic soil has affected them but in most cases I could get a sharp needle and prize up the flakes of delamination. I seem to recall other faults like small warts and so on but not certain what they were.
I did bid on a Japanese Military Medal on Trade me and it has a terrible delamination. The fucking lowlife wanking tosser who sold it had to know but didn’t declare it so I ended up with a lemon but your coin is nothing like that. It looks more like the cud lump on mine.
When you get new coins it always pays to examine them because flaws can go undetected for years but in new coins the condition adds value.

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