Metal Mikey Misadventures

Hi all. I’m Mike from Rangiora. Interested to know who are the Christchurch metal detectorists. Have looked up some that do not have their location in the info so thought it was easier to ask. I was unable to go to your meeting at The Running Bull as had prior commitments. I have been detecting on and off for 30+ years and started with a locally made BFO detector. Currently I have an Fisher F4 which performs well. I am interested in the beaches and have made several trips to a local beach. The weather that takes the sand off the beaches doesn’t seem to to arrive every year but can happen 2 - 3 times a year. Have photos of the beach but not always able to get there at the right times. Have also spent a bit of time at Hagley Park. My 1st visit was told that where I was, was hunted out. 1st coin I got was a silver florin! They all went a bit funny after that. Think I’m off to the beach this afternoon ( not very rewarding so far but I know its there) as I’m able to detect during daylight hours. Cheers Mike.

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Hi mike I’m in rangiora as well,drop me a line if you want to catch up.

Hi. Give me a ring sometime if you like. 3133646. Cheers Mike.