Metal detectors in the bay of plenty

Hi all,

I’m after a metal detector in the Rotorua, Whakatane, Opotiki area.
Is there anyone that is in the area and able to hire it out to me tomorrow if possible. Have lost some keys that I need to find.


Hi Cam,
Hire pool and Kennards hire do have detectors to rent, but they might not have them in your local branch.
I will say that they are not necessarily that easy to use so you may be better to ask for a local detectorist to look for you.

Give this guy a call, he has contacts for people willing do a search in most areas

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I’m near Cambridge, about an hour from Rotorua.
I’ve a metal detector you can borrow if you’ve no luck anywhere else. It’s fully waterproof and has found me hundreds of nails etc, so it should do the trick.


Thanks for the offers. I took the gamble and drove the 3hrs to look for the keys. Found them sitting on top of the long grass and not beneath it where I feared it might be.

Thanks again


Great news, means you won’t have to climb in through the bathroom window anymore :smile:

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