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Metal detecting

Metal detecting

Hi everyone new here been metal detecting for about a year now I don’t go to heritage places for obvious reasons also haven’t been to local parks I have asked the mdc if it’s all ok and they said there is no law against it but have been doing reading and seen few posts regarding people ruining the grounds and leaving massive ass holes so bit iffy about going there just in case I get a karen nagging me , I’m not a messy hole maker and have full respect for property , but just don’t wanna get harrassed is there any other great wee spots were people like us don’t get karened at ,at the moment we been at my partners work were old wines foods use to be and have been pretty success ful with lots of drunken money dropped :blush: but wanna find real treasures any ideas :thinking: hope someone can help me thank you .

Hi Dottie

have you tried talking to any of the old farmers in the area? I’ve had a lot of luck on properties that seem uninteresting but have had history going back 100 years, tips on where people parked old cars an drive ways have yielded good results even old dumps/ gardens. i find the older generation are more than willing to help as they have an interest as well and no one bothers you as its private property

hope this helps good luck :smiley:


Hi Dottie. If you want to look for jewelry and rings try in and around where people swim i.e local swimming holes, beaches and lakes etc. Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:.