Metal detecting rules

Hi everyone,are metal detectors legally able to be used in public fossicking areas or only in the creek beds.

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Well if you go metal detecting on someones claim expect a less than positive outcome if they find you.

Dave…he was talking of public fossicking areas. To answer his question: detectors are allowed on public areas but the actual “legal” areas allowed to be worked are in the actual wet flow of the creeks. Not up onto or into & undermining the banks. With all worked, dug, areas to be back filled & left as natural as possible on your leaving. But I think we all know what really happens… in the real world. :slight_smile:

Good luck out there

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Thats great thanks exactly what i neededto know.Cheers Lawrence.

Just don’t do any more damage that the usual floods/winter rains.
And if you get a retirement nugget give a donation to Forest & Bird (they’re filling the role underfunded DOC hasn’t been able to. Be sure to let them know you’re a gold prospector (panner/detector etc) when you do - better to make friends than enemies.

Conservation and small scale prospecting can work together.


Yep there many Green Party Members and at least one guy on the Party list who like chasing a bit of colour.

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You have a right to save history - the miners right is for gold

yup, no mining in riverbeds in the QLDC area