Me and my little sluice - Pell Stream

Am heading in to Lake Daniels this weekend.A mate of mine Steve Carter just told me to set up in the lower reaches of Pell Stream.Have just checked the area out and I see its under a current claim so I wont be doing that.Am hoping the claim owner might see this and grant me access for a day.Probably dreaming i know.Happy to pay my way.Thanks

yep used to be my claim I know who it belongs to now so pm me for his phone number. steve cater needs a fucking kick up the arse for telling you to go there . I suppose he was one of the poaches I had to contend with when I had the claim.


I doubt steve could be bothered doing that lol. Actually havent seen him for a few years. That would be much appreciated mate. Thanks heaps

Isnt this claim for sale, saw some eralier posts about it, perhaps around 20 days ago

Hi, upper claim is for sale. I walked into upper claim a couple of weeks ago, quite a journey!