Marlborough find

Jubilee Mine, Top Valley. I wonder who he or she is …

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Mr Plastic Fantastic - one of those modern doctors teaching skellingtons!

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Yeah, looks a little too clean and lacking clothes. Bet it’s given a few people a shock though! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a true story Gavin! close inspection revealed a medallion around its neck and interestingly the inscription read ‘1916 hide & seek champion’ …


lol , now i know your joking im in the bay of islands escaping winter , but soon as i get home im wet suit on and into it, but ill post a pic of some poor gold miner i dredged up or should i say whats left of him or her


I look forward to seeing the old miner and I have to say Im envious you can get into a wet suit! Mine seems to have shrunk!

Geocaching people use the old mine so I’m guessing one of them with a sense of humour put it there

Yes i was about to make the observation that the bones have been carefully cleaned and bleached, but then i read down a bit further. My dad used to, probably still does have a real human skeleton, from the days before 3d scanners and printers and perfectly accurate reproductions. That is what doctors used to use before these things became available. His one was nowhere as white as the one in the picture.

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