Mapping issues! Need help

Anyone out there familiar with GIS overlays! I have the new mine data from all the Ariel scanning and ground data on a memory card from NZ minerals (64gb) And tried to work through the data myself but my skills with arcmap are limited, I can’t get the data and Topo maps to interface correctly. Anyone willing to give it a go?

Hey Gavzilla,
Which of the data sets are you wanting to overlay onto the topo? As there is a huge pile of data in that Exploration data pack.
I’m a GIS rookie too, and have made a few simple overlay maps using QGIS Desktop. (not sure if QGIS is as good as Arcmap, but it is completely free! :heart_eyes:) So if you’re after a map for a specific region/ specific data I’m happy to give it a crack.


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Would be good to get some of this tech to look at an area or 2

Ideally I’d like to figure out how to get the whole geological resources map working or germ map as they call it, the drive has a link to the arcmap project which has all the GIS data combined but for the life of me I can’t get the shapefiels to work! The GNS website is not helpful as I think they have changed it since the data pack came out so some of the links are broken. I assume once the arcmap GIS files are put on a readable map then you’d be able to spot every gold/metal bearing ground in NZ that the magnetic survey picked up.

OK, viewing the GERM data isn’t too difficult. The GERM is not the same as the Aeromag data though - I think the GERM is just a database of locations where resources (including gold) have been found before.
Aeromag survey example:

Do you have a LINZ data services account? If not:

Once you’ve got this set up, add your map of choice to QGIS (or another GIS application such as Arcmap) using the LINZ data services API. LINZ have OK instructions on how to do this, but if you get stuck let me know. :slight_smile:
Then add the GERM .shp file into your GIS application as a vector layer. Below is an example (GERM and Topo250). Note that non-gold ( :face_vomiting:) resources are also shown. You are able to filter those out.


Hi Gavv, looks like u have this sorted now,

Awesome mate, thanks heaps

@madgoldnz where did you get the GERM .shp file? I had a look through the GNS resources on their site but a lot of them seems to be partially broken. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind short-cutting my search. Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m using QGIS so I can work with anything you chuck me shp file or not. Figured I’d have a play too to see what insights I might get for tracking down the elusive colour.

Hey Gavin,

You have to fill out a request, and then they send you a temporary link to a zip file.

I’ll shoot you a Google drive link with the GERM :wink:

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Thank you, you legend :metal: