Maori Artifact Recovered in Otago

Whitebaiters pull an object sticking out of the water. Their find? A seven-foot long historic taiaha.


That’s pretty cool. Cheers


Strangest looking Taiaha I ever saw. They took pride in making them and I have held many ancient ones and have never seen a crooked one yet. Shape is also wrong.
It is certainly Maori but more likely a Ko or a Pou whenua and although it’s basic shape is inclined to the latter it is still too crooked. Of course it may been made in a hurry for emergency use. If it is a taiaha then it’s the strangest I have ever seen and I used to make them - using ake ake, kanuka or manuka. It is still a great historic find but sadly after the wood has been stabilized it will go into the Otago Museum basement and will not be seen for another 200 years!

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Maybe it’s just a pointed stick. Possibly made by Maori. Maybe by someone practicing.

yip id say made in a hurry , possibly for unclogging powerjet awesome find

I would say definitely a 200 to 300 year old Maori artifact but doubt if it is a taiaha. Maori artifacts actually do turn up now and again inNew Zealand! Many years ago a canoe was found at Berwick, indeed a couple have been found on the Taieri Plains.

I’m carving my very own maori artifact while reading the forums. Tomorrow I plan to bury in muddy creek to get that aged authentic look :wink: