Many out and about this weekend

How was the weekend on the gold and on the coast I’m heading over early next week for a play got the fever bad lol


Not me, next weekend hopefully

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Good 1 mate weather wise its hard to find the motivation to head over but then the who care attitude sets in good luck with ur trip hopefully there a nuggie sitting there for u

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We had a tramp planned sadly, but all my mates have pulled out so can go mining now :partying_face: not sure where yet though, might go to a smaller private site that is not soo prone to flooding ,as might be some rain.

Tramping mining same thing really just no yellow rewards with tramping lol im off tomorrow until Sunday myself but poor me will have to stick to the flood prone creeks unless there was an invite to a private less flood prone creek by my favorite YouTuber haha no good luck with ur trip and ill lookout for the video

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Lol almost, awesome good luck, ha ha, we would actaully be keen as to invite you (or almost anyone keen) if it was up to us, just a private spot we can’t be inviting others up on without express permisson.


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We panned Lyell Creek and Howards over wkend. Weather stayed reasonable but creeks were running slightly dirty.looking forward to a clean up this wkend but not holding our breath to much