Many Gold Books For Sale

Got a few books for sale. Thought I’d put them up here before listing on Trade Me. Message me if you see anything you’d like and we can discuss a price.

Based in Christchurch.


Holy crap. That is a good selection. There is one I am interested in. I will send you a PM. Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Great selection there I’m keen on the historic gold trails of Nelson and marlborough, have sent you a message cheers

I would be keen on kiwi gold and otago goldfields. Please pm price I’m in chch so can pick up

Nice set. I have some of them, but don’t mind any doubling up. After the others have picked what they want, please PM me on the leftovers.

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How did your book clearance go?? Looking at doing the same. How did you price them??

If you have Coromandel gold i would be
very interested in it

More books…quick! List them…l am in the gold book mood!

Hi Graeme!!

What region are you keen on (it’ll make my life easier) ? There are some pretty detailed geology books to. I might do the photo thing like Dwayne.
Love Caz

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Hi Caz - I am interested in all the geology reports and the 188? Mining handbook and the 1906 one if you have them. Any old reports and books. There are many I dont know of and the usual books you see in shops I have many.
If you take some photos and send them to me via message that could be cool.
Hope all is well. Keep thinking of you from time to time and really sad that I didnt get over. I always intended but also expect everything to continue on forever I guess

Love Graeme

Hi ya
I will get back tomorrow arfo. I bought several handbooks for Keith and a couple of real old editions … random ones. Talk soon.
Night Caz

Love to know which ones and have the option to buy.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Night Graeme

Hi, I’m keen on some gold books. Anything graeme doesn’t take. I’ve got most of the usual ones. Especially keen on anything relating to the otago goldfields and in particulate the wakatipu. Thanks in advance if there’s anything suitable.

Hey hey…what’s with the LOVE Graeme? :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I love toffee apples…and gold.

Will get back this arfo. Bound to many.

Catch you later Caz

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The middle two may interest you Graeme

The end ones Matt?

Hi Cas i would love the Maratoto Gold
and gold fields of the Coromandel,Please put a price
on them as i have will have them.Really pleased to
see you at your special places.keep well

Hi Matt
Yea I’ll get back tomorrow with a price. You might help me here though!. Some clue about the threshold … price wise.