Making New Zealand (Mining)

Hi All ,Just seen that the Prime series “Making New Zealand” is featuring a whole episode in history of mining in NZ. Airs 8.30 PM this Sunday on Prime … looks like some good footage…be sure to put it on your mysky!!


Thanks, appreciate the heads up.

hope its better than last weeks. that was forestry and logging. never even mentioned west coast on that. don’t expect much on gold. it will mainly be coal mining but still definitely worth a look.

did anyone watch it. was actually very interesting

Yeah there was some interesting footage of the old days…imagine being one of the first prospectors into the clutha, shotover or gabriels…scooping up 100’s of ounces of gold with your hands…wish I had time machine!

I thought it was a great program, thanks again for the heads up.

Been a real interesting series the whole way so far, though the gold mining part has been my favourite…