Makers Mark ID help please

Having trouble nailing this wee (crowned?) froggy down.
Anyone got any ideas?

White gold, Birmingham assay.

hi mudwiggle,some ozzie jewellers used the anchor as a mark,there are lots of animal makers marks for ozzie jewelry,its not easy finding sites for this stuff although some jewellers started using date letters starting in the 1920s, my bet would be australian


Cheers Roy.
I contacted BAO and they will be sorting through their shoeboxes for a while as they currently reorganise their collection, I’ll start chasing up “The Aussie Connection” (Available in a good bookstore near you)

You’d think a (crowned?) frog would be easy enough to track down…

check out australian silversmiths site you will see lots of early aussie makers marks,also australian goldsmiths if i remember right the more modern marks could be there,also some rings are marked with the aussie assay office maks and no other.ive still got dozens of rings i cant id,it makes a difference when you sell them.

Well, BAO have just got back to me.

"The initials “GG” makers mark also known as the sponsor mark belonged to Goldsmith Group, later changed to “GS” for Goldsmith Services.
The 750 with the scales will be the convention mark, the 750 alongside will be the standard mark for 18ct gold. Information on convention marks can be found on our website.
The Anchor is that assay mark for here in Birmingham.

The frog with the crown was a logo mark that Goldsmith had on some of their items, at a guess I think it was around the late 1990s but unfortunately I am unable to recall the reason why.

Hope this has helped.
Kind Regards,

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