Make your gloves last a bit longer

I have been burning thru gloves like crazy and started to coat my neoprene gloves with this stuff. It is about $22 a tube but is better then aquaseal for patching small rips in your suit to. Just paste it on, let dry, And repeat when it wears down. I usually recoat once a week. It is sticky as f*ck so don’t make to much of a mess. It goes on and dries a but rough, but turns nice and smooth after an hour dredging and still gives you good grip.Uploading…


I have got two seasons and going for three with my orange cray fish gloves, xl size allows a gloved hand inside :slight_smile:

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I have a pair of tramping boots like them they have lasted 20 years and I give them a good workout once a year for a whole day

Hi I use 3mm welded gloves that stop the water coming in & then I but gardening type gloves over top, rubber type… so you just replace the outer gloves and with the welded glove no water gone though so warm hands