Magnet tools for quick junk removal

Anyone use / know of any good magnet device setups for quick detection removal of junk targets?

I’ve got an Aussie style pick with one mounted in the handle, but I’m looking for a better lightweight option to keep in my backpack when detecting as I don’t tend to use that pick in the bush as smaller digging tools tend to be sufficient.

Want me to send you a good old hard drive Neo mag? Roughly 10x 30x3mm and like a fridge magnet on steroids.

Can either send you just the mag for you to epoxy on (or in if you want a flush mount, easier to just wipe the chaff off) or with a mounting plate to screw/bolt on to something.


Now a few of those mounted on a wee stick might be just the thing! I might just take you up on that. I’ll do a quick check with the IT dept at the place I’ve been working at in case they’ve got a bunch too.

Totally forgot about HDD magnets. I guess they’ll get harder and harder to find as more and more people / businesses migrate to SSD’s

I’ll report back after pestering the IT dept :wink:

ive got magnets here that will suck nails out of your house. 20mm round by 20mm high. put 1 either side of your finger and let them bang together and they will bruise your finger. if any use u are more than welcome to have a couple

Cheers for the offer! Though I might start getting worried about wafting them a little too close to my wallet and wiping my credit cards magnetic strip and not be able to pay for my fuel to get home :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any worry getting these sort of magnets too close to mobile devices / detectors electronics?!

Well I know you DEFINATELY cannot have them near a pacemaker…I would say err on the side of caution and keep the magnetic field away from detectors and mobile phones…who knows…it might near pull the solder off the board!!! :astonished:

the ones I have definitely wouldn’t want to be near any electronic gear

how much you want for them im keen thanks matt

Cheers for the offers guys, but the IT dept delivered with the sacrificial slaughter of an old hard drive :smiling_imp:

Just got to find a suitable pokey stick to mount them too now.