Lyell nuggets found


love that lyell my best day fossicking ever , a slip had come down uncovering some bedrock got 19 pickers from one crevice, every day I went inangahua shop bought a bread roll the women asked did gold pay for your lunch today, can remember putting the gold on the counter and saying paid for lunch today, don’t miss the sandflies tho


She’ll be shoulder to shoulder this weekend.


I think everyone should go to the Lyell :grin:

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Hmmmmm, does anybody else think that those nuggets look odd.

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I certainly think they dont look of earth origin

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Look like aussie nuggets to me, not water worn and bashed up. looks like a typical detected aussie nugget hit with hydrofluride to dissolve the quartz. being found locally bumps the price up. Hmmm go up the Lyall with a detector. dig a big hole, find a big nugget. pretty cool, go back next day and repeat the process. can pigs fly.


im with you guys didn’t want to say but thought was odd looking tho gold comes in many shapes and forms , im not convinced also jewler had me thinking , melt gold into nuggets increase value ?

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The finder has the tadmor claim in nelson region I believe too

the lyell did produce big nuggets , I never saw enough of them to say for sure

The size of the gold is not the problem, I’m well aware of the size of gold that can be found there. It just doesn’t look like the kind of gold that I’ve seen found there or much like any gold I’ve seen from elsewhere in Nz. I could of course be completely wrong but it seems I’m not alone in my beliefs. Apologies to the finder if I am indeed wrong, I’d love to see some close up photos of the gold

I’m pretty sure he’s got them on display in his shop!

Iv seen nuggets come out of there 4oz etc so prob were found in there. Strange tho because it’s been turned over that many times

MMMmmm…I have held in my hand & have photos of a 15 ounce nugget that was detected up the Lyell. It looked nothing like either of those two bits. Water/glacial worn to hell. Had a chunk of smoothed off quartz imbedded that had been to hell & back. The kind of gold/speci I would have expected from the Lyell & the Moonlight for that matter. Sorry I cant put up pics out of respect to the finder.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

They dont look right to me and let’s be honest the best was to draw attention to your shop or business is to have some ‘dramatic’ publicity. My large nugget was photographed by a pub owner for publicity purposes some years ago. As for me…l believe NOTHING unless l see it for myself. They are too uniform and similar in my opinion and unlike any Lyell gold l have seen.

im hearing you , also where is the staining in the depressions ? or has it been acid washed ?