Low tide on the estuary

Half hour hunt… thought I had 3 silver’s had to settle for one hope to get back out tomorrow morning thanks for the pic MW same spot


NICE, man I need to get out there.

Nice couple of early 1900’s buttons there too.
That spot obviously hasn’t been hammered too hard.

Worth a revisit (or three)

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Same spot produced first gold for the year the other ring is brass I think but is pretty cool as the outsde band spins on the inner the 43 penny is in mint condition


On the up and up… :+1:

Those are some sweet finds.
Going hard Chris.

gold is good,spinner ring should clean up nice

tried to upload a vid of it spinning but got a bit to tech


Well done, you,ve got some nice finds there

Cheers Pete lucky swing of the coil

We’ll dug some more holes in the mud just the one silver (not sure I’m the fork) it’s marked so???


That spot seems to have a preference for door knobs…

I did a grid search and think and think an old launch died there …the pocket knives were from the front of the school

i can see a florin in there it is such a pain having to dig all the crap to get to the goodies.