Lots of great old photos from the West Coast


great photos - I noted that the third one is of Kumara. One of the co discoverers of the Kumara Goldfields in 1872? was James (Jim) Madden, son of Dr Madden of Melbourne. He was killed on my property when the sluiced face slipped down on him and caught him as he tried to run clear. You can still see where the face slipped to this day.

A spur close by is named Kumara Spur after him and of course the name Kumara Spur comes from his nick name and from Kumara on the West Coast.


Great photo of the Hari Hari Swagman and his dog.

great photos all round. that was a good find gavin.

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some printed off & put in a frame would be cool ,

There are some good Otago ones in the Hocken Library Collections too

Great stuff - deserves a page of its own methinks.


Maybe Gavin could be talked into an “Old Photo Archive”. Photos would need to be of an historical nature.
Just a thought.


I am in the process of redeveloping the main website (not this forum), could be a new bit of content to be added.

Who would have photos to contribute? I guess they don’t need to be too ancient. I even find looking at photos from the 80’s & 90’s quite interesting, or any noteworthy ones from the modern day.

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Well the 80’s and 90’s photos will be the historic photo’s of the future. Might have to vet out photo’s of someone old cat etc.