Lost ring Wairarapa

I lost my large 9ct gold wedding ring here at Castlepoint Beach in Wairarapa several years ago (washing hands after fishing ), I have not been back since and its probably long gone by now - but if anyone in the area wants to give it a go - on the photo the area to search is one third the way between the rock to the reversing tractor & trailer at the lagoon edge at approx low tide.


The ATP will do that, and unlikely to get significant wave action at that site to bury it too far.

Run in Pro Zero
Ground balance on auto, then manually reduce it by another 3 points.
Work the water at the same depth, and GB at least every time you change depth.

No disc at all (“all metal”) and have the sensitivity one notch below where it chatters constantly.

You will lose depth with any discrimination, and you need all you can get.

A large 9Ct will sing out down to a couple of dozen cm if you walk over it slow enough, and carefully enough.

Best of luck


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