Lost dredge gear

Has anyone lost their dredge after the flooding in the shotover catchment? Someone has posted on queenstown tradings Facebook page of a regulator and hose found wrapped around the shotover jet wharf. Sorry it wasn’t a shareable post but it had photos of the hose and regulator. Maybe call shotover jet if its yours.

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Here’s my dredge yesterday up that way. I made the mistake of leaving it tied up.in the river thinking it was all good.
Watching all the rain yesterday was making me very nervous!

I got this photo of it during the day from a pilot who flew over it for me and I decided bugger it I’m going in for a rescue mission.

Ended up flying in yesterday evening as river was still rising and rescuing dredge. Fuck it was close .

Dredge was taking on water.

Lesson learnt!



one of the photos that was put up. it’s at the shotover jet workshop. just the hoses by the sounds of it.

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it sure can rise in height up there and in good time too. i remember one nice summer’s day by the oxenbridge tunnel it rose so quick we hardly got our tools out of our hole. there had been a cloudburst. another time out there the rafters said they went past the moonlight junction and the moonlight was as dirty as and 8 feet higher than the shotover.

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A Close call, good save man!!

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