Looking to take it Underwater

Hi Team!! Looking to take my gold hunting underwater! Ive been shoveling and using sluces but would like some knowlage of people getting in the water weather is be Snorkle, Scuba and/or dredge work. If any one needs a partner I will be intrested to get some experince if you need a hand. If not always keen to Shovel and Sluice with new people if any one is keen. Based on the West Coast :grin:


Heading up to Lyell this morning,detecting and panning. Tx if interested 0212523655👍🏻

Awesome!! Sorry just got back in reception from a lil mission out Howard Valley ways so missed this. Hope you had some luck out Lyell. Was probably pretty busy out there this w.e

Was a extremely busy today up Louis Creek :grinning: cars everywhere lol.

Sure was. I was one of those many cars floating around :grinning: