Looking to buy Cummingtonite specimen for my rock collection

Hi, i currently have a modest rock collection and i have noticed that this website (below) claims that the rock Cummingtonite is mined in the south island, is there any chance that i would be able to acquire a decent piece for a good price?

thats a crack up of a name , bet the person who named that rock was a hard case , good luck on Cummingtonite . maybe thats where the term get your rocks off came from . sorry couldnt help it just wanted to beat lammerlaw lol


I had to read that twice as I thought this must be an April fools joke, only it ain’t april the 1st. I am sure Lammerlaw will have a piece in his rock collection.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I wish l was cummingtonite but sadly all l have is handtrolleyitis. My cummingtonite mine entrance has decayed dangerously and at risk of cave in IF it could be found amongst the anything but virgin rain forest. I had also suspected that some decrepit old miner may have also staked a claim on it due to correspondence l once intercepted.

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i assure you that this is no joke, i just want a small chunk of cummingtonite because i have been told by several students that i should get that first

Yes it does exist. Mostly Magnesium and Iron. For that reason l realise that your serious, or at least probably so, and do want a piece.

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i am as serious as i can be about a rock. I would like to acquire a piece of cummingtonite for my collection, this is not a joke.

Didnt I just say that yes it is the name of a rock and mostly magnesium and iron - or to be precise {Mg2}{Mg5}(Si8O22)(OH)2 so why should we think that you are anything but serious?

All seriousness aside I laughed out loud reading this thread ,I even learnt something new about cummingtonite .

Do you mean that you dont know anything about or havent experienced cummingtonite. Poor bugger.