Looking to buy 5 inch dredge hose

hi all. i’m looking for a 6 metre length of 5 inch dredge hose. The stuff that comes with proline dredges with the bluish coil. currently i have the white tiger flex in a 3 metre length but need a longer hose for more depth without moving the dredge. Currently using the white tiger flex. good stuff but too heavy and its thickness makes it not coil up.

Goldstamp on these forums used to have some of the 5 inch hose. Just message him.

Your alternative is Dan Gerber on dredgenz as he sells it.

Proline hose is branded under Spiralite which is made in the US I ordered it directly from the manufacturer when I purchased my proline 5. Make sure you get tbe 142 code and not 152 as the 142 is designed for cold water and isn’t as stiff. There is a NZ based distributor.

You do need to buy a whole coil which is 31m but I sold of tbe bits I didn’t use and basically got my hose free.

Proline or Spiralite hose is stiffer than the Keene hose but lasts alot longer