Looking for the FINDER of a ring

Somewhere in my travels, I’ve seen someone post an image of a plain band, yellow gold on the sides with a white gold inner, something like this:


If you have found one in the Ngunguru area in the last 2 years - I might have found the owner, or rather, she found me.
From her description, it would have been an easy hit with any machine. I had a look and 95% confident it’s been dug. It would have hurt the ears when a coil went over it.

Please message me if you think you may be ‘The One’
(Obviously only if you’re interested in a return though :innocent: )

I found one similar when I first started out by Wellington bay but had been in the ground a long time… was it where you were on Sunday?

Yeah, in that general area. Would have easily been ‘dry’ at low water.