Looking for the best cold water gloves

hi all,
i’m looking for recommendations for the best cold water gloves. i’m currently using 3mm pro dive gloves. i usually go through one or 2 pairs a season. usually the fingers wear though. i wear them inside a pair of the orange rubber gloves that blackwood paykel sell, think they are the same ones you see on tv on gold rush white water.

i am after a thicker 5mm glove. i still want to wear them under the orange rubber gloves as due to the abrasive rock no dive glove will last long on their own. i’ve looked on various sites, trade me, splash, marine deals, ebay etc. there’s a few to choose from but i’m really after something that won’t fall apart in 5 seconds, plus in the present sense, something i can be posted sooner than later so i’d prefer not to have to wait for shipment from locked down auckland or the slow boat from offshore.

bearing in mind i’m often in shaded stream running through deep gorges off snowmelt that doesn’t see the sun i though id ask here to see what everyone is using. i’m currently leaning to a semi dry type of glove that hold the water in/out a bit better than my current 3mm pro dive gloves do. i’m often diving alone so don’t really want to have to tape up the gloves once they on.


These are the warmest dives gloves I have used, but there currently hard to find in NZ


Hi have you tried ,https://www.lynnriver.co.nz/ they have a big range
I have been using the 3mm glove from Snow Gear & Ski Gear for Men, Women & Kids in NZ | Torpedo7 or welded glove not stitched and like you but these on top Showa - 306 Latex Full Coat

I used the lined orange gloves last season. We’re reasonably warm once the water in them warmed up.

I use fishing gloves from the fly fishing shop inside the orange PVC cray fishing gloves.

Go for these if you want durability and warmth, you can add some aqua seal to the Kevlar finger tips for some extra protection that you top when needed…I use these in winter and their 3mm version when warmer… they a nz group up in auck