Looking for someone to do panning in NZ


I’m travelling around NZ for 2-3 months and recently got a pan after a few tries (without much success to be honnest) abroad. I heard that they were good spots on the southern island and as I’ll be on the road for the coming few weeks on the west coast, I thought that some people might accept to help finding my very first gold.

If you are keen to meet and go for a few hours panning, that would be great !!

Thanks !!


if you get no offers from here then call in at Goldsborough public fossicking area just out of hokitika. I would just about guarantee someone there will give you some helpful advise. don’t expect to get rich though.

Moonlight with a small riffle box an pan. West coast is covered with the yellow stuff. Frasers dam behind Alexandra with a small sluice an pan, above the dam is good area for a look.