Looking for long term relationship for a Golden Future!

Hey :slight_smile: my Name is Steffen come from Germany and live currently in Roxburgh iam looking for People to get more Gold in our pocket :wink: I work hard and got my own prospecting Gear want find Mate’s they are willing to go on a adventure some Days.please feel free to message me ! :slight_smile:

Hey I had a girl friend like that - she was a Gold miner except she was looking for a short term relationship with a Golden future for her!
To be serious there is some good gold in the vicinity of Roxburgh so do your homework and you might do very well.

Hey yeah this area is pretty good and know some good spots :slight_smile: got some Gold…but want a mate to come with me its much safer then going alone ! And more fun as well … Best regards :slight_smile:

its hard to find a good mate to go for walks with you. I have a good friend in chch that comes across but its along way for him. never mind looking forward to his visit on wed for a couple of days.
pity you live so far but if you are up this area look me up

Hey cheers for your amswer thats true but will keep looking for sure ! will concentrate me on the old man range area time is tide have a little girl on the way :slight_smile: …first family and then Goldprospecting.
Yeah from wich area you coming from?
Thanks :slight_smile:

i come from top of the westcoast north of westport in a town called hector

Now I thought that you had the makings of a real Gold miner BUT if anything else comes first then thats a poor kettle of fish…gold first then babies and partner and things.

Yes safer to go with someone else - as long as they dont have ‘that’ evil look! Gold does strange things to people! Having someone else with you does make sense - after all they say that the Lost Tribe still haunts that neck of the woods and the last Bushranger from the gold rush days still lurks those hills waiting for the unsuspected.

Send me a private message if you like.

I think I know now :slight_smile: if iam in your area I will definitely message you to catch up one Day if this ok for you ! :wink:

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Yes good as gold - excuse the pun - I wasnt trying to be punny.