Looking for Gold Buyer

Hey just wondering if someone knows a good Gold buyer for fine gold in Greymouth :)?..
Cheers Guys !

ive sold a bit to evan grooby at hydrualink greymouth in the past,likeable fellow .

Ok thanks :slight_smile: what’s he taking 10 or 15 %?

Most of us sell to Evan. Good bloke.

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Hey mate I know a chap from Christchurch who buys gold all the time he showed me 10oz of fines he got off a coaster for $72 a gram cash . He buys all my small amounts . I can pass on his details if ya want pretty sure he drives over for good amounts.

72 a gram doesn’t sound too good. Guess it might be a fines price that allows for a bit of black sand etc. If you had 10 oz it would really be worth refining into an ingot to get a better seller price.


Ye i was thinking thats a bargain too but then again cash is cash with no declaration if said person is in business and maybe impurities came into it .it looked super clean there was no black sand .

Watching Trademe. Some sellers are getting good prices, even taking into account the success fee

Went to Evan and happy with the deal I got :slight_smile: …thanks guys !!

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