Looking for gold buddy(s) in/around Coromandel

Hi all, been watching too many youtube vids on gold hunting so about time to try my hand, quick intro - I’m in my early 30’s/married & live in Whitianga. Current plan is to sample panning some creeks between Thames / Coromandel - if anyone interested happy to figure out car pool/share gas etc… basically im not keen on going bush alone with no idea wtf to do + wary of the anti-mining hippies living around the Coro

I might be able to meet you there in early / mid January for some time. We’d have to sort things out first. I have a riffle box and panning stuff. Let me know. Cheers, Albert.

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Hey how did you get on?
Might go for a look this weekend

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Any news or findings?

Go Hard daskin, let us know how you get on.
Happy Hunting and be safe out there.



anti mining hippies drop to the ground like anyone else if you hit them hard enough


I dont think the hippies are too worried by a couple of gold panners are they? what does the law say about panning and fossicking in the Coromandle…doesnt seem to be much of it…im close to the coro too…have been keen on the idea for a long while…thinking of a mix between detecting and panning ( no experience) …might be keen to join up for a hunt if a few want to hook up…

And a little bit of raw tobacco. Goin hard daskin. GOLD is good.


its the only coromandel gold ive ever seen :grin:

Don’t know if you would still be keen but I’m going to be heading down in a couple of weeks for a bit of a pan let me know if you would be keen

I would be keen I live in Auckland but don’t mind a drive it’s only a couple of hours