Looking for a long handled stainless steel sand scoop

Does anyone know where I can buy a long handled, stainless steel sand scoop please? Thanks, Charlie.

See if Andre is still doing them, if not, there’s a couple of guys on the NZ detecting Facebooks selling regularly


Thanks Mudwiggle! Ive texted him.

I got a scoop.bout 70 bucks off amazon. Put a wood handle off a shovel on it.works a treat and it floats a bit in the briney

Yep, floaty wooden handle beats fancy fibreglass with dorky pool noodle anyday. :smile:

As I keep saying the only things metal detecting I have brought is the detector and pin pointer, everything else is DIY or second hand shovels, diggers,all home built from old shit with a grinder ,findsbag, an old kids school pack cut down,yep sure I could buy it all if I want, but where’s the fun in that, be constructive and build it.Its not hard,going to build a sand scoop out of an old mussel bouy ,the thing will last a life time,