Looking for a claim to Tribute on in the west coast

Hey guys. I have recently acquired a 4inch keene with a t80 compressor and am looking for somewhere to work it. if anyone knows of anyone that would be interested in an arrangement with me Drop a name and number and I will get in contact. Also have a garrett detector. Which I haven’t got the first clue how to use yet and would appreciate getting together with someone else with one to show me the ropes.
Cheers Spanksy

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Well good luck with your dredge, regarding your detector I suggest you look under equipment on our site, then on to Garrett web site, then sports division and then owners manuals. I use a AT Gold and there is a heap of information to learn before you get the best result from your machine. It is not a 5 minute job and you will need to put the hours in to master the best from your investment, depending on what model you have. Good luck, it is a heap of fun that I find very addictive.:wink: