Looking for a claim, or one to help on!

First time poster and new to the forum!

Looking for a claim to work as a newbie! Been in the mining industry in Australia for 10 years as a mine surveyor but have made the move to NZ purely for a lifestyle change! Currently live in Hamilton and if anyone around the Nth Island has time to show me around and maybe have a fossick out the bush that would be awesome. But ultimately looking for a claim I can work in the south island. Any help appreciated! If anyone needs land surveying work done on claims or any of their little mining prospects let me know as I have my own surveying equipment and id be more than happy to help in the nz gold community!



Gidday Blake,
I’m currently helping a bloke get the last parts of the resource consent sorted for a claim in the upper Cardrona River. It has been a lot of work getting all the affected parties for his consent finalised. At this stage all that is outstanding is archaeological reports. This area has had poaching, but has never that I know of ever had a formal dredging claim on it up the top due to the presence of one of nz’s rarest native galaxiids. That has now been signed off by the Dept of Conservation and Fish & Game. Iwi have given their unconditional written approval for the claim also. He is getting close, and dredging will be with up to a 4inch dredge, between 1 Jan and 30 April each year.

He wants to sell 49% of the claim to recoup his costs. If you want to know more, just PM me as I have helped with all his regulatory requirements. For the record, I have no financial role in this, except helping out a good bloke…

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Hi Darryl,

Thanks for the reply, as this is my first foray into the gold prospecting/mining scene in NZ I don’t want to get too overwhelmed…

What would I be looking at for a 49% stake? What are any ongoing costs?

I am interested depending on price and potential return. Has anyone done any test pans up around the claim?


Hi Blake,
Will go and find out what he is thinking re price.
Ongoing costs would be (I assume) splitting the annual fee of around $1,500, LINZ rental which isa few hundred. You could go halves in public liability insurance too to save a few bucks, but thats my assumption.
will get back to you

Hi Mangrove

The cardrona river has been one of the most easily accessed rivers, and you would have to assume that over the last 50 years that some one has been in there with a dredge.

Gidday GoldenEel,
For sure, in fact someone on this forum mentioned poaching on it.
There is plenty of river there and from my panning along the top 10km of the claim, it is still attractive
I’m intending on getting a couple of weekends there myself this summer.

Hi GoldenEel

The Cadrona was hammered pretty well in the top reaches by suction dredges in the 90s and 2000s. A digger and screen went through some bits by the pub as well and did pretty well. There were some bits they never got to the bottom. Golds a mixture of fine and rough stuff with some nice specimen gold coming out still with quartz attached.

With saying all that the river has had some big floods in the last 20 - 30 years and theres been a fair bit of gold being washed out of those banks as can be evidenced by the extensive terrace workings as you climb up the crown range by the road.

It is a pretty small window to dredge the claim though and only having the ability to use a 4 which moves bugger all material you’d hope there were still some rich spots.

Perfect spot for a hobby dredger id say and youve only got the pub down the road and close to population centres. Also I dont think the river has didmyo which is a bonus.


Hi blake , I have two mining claims for sale in the West Coast. Claim no { 56205 } Shanty Town
Catchment area Saltwater Creek the last of the gold. Dredge running up to 9 horse powell can be used.

Claim no { 55222 } Raphaoe Beach just north of Greymouth, just drive onto the beach ideal for some one as a hobby claim. the beach claim can be mind every month depending on the tides and the gravels movement. motor up 9 horse Powell can be used

This is important the West Coast Council out of all councils in New Zealand is mining positive . these
two claims are Tier 2 registered as a hobby with Crown Minerals

Fees per year are about $1200 per claim and the purchaser pays transfer costs per claim.

Any questions e-mail me at { wdw,goldmining@yandex.com } Thanks: john

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hi blake.i have a claim 57009 ten mile creek westcoast si. i might be able to help you out with your quest .give me a call on 0274968681 for more details if you want .cheers stephen

Hi mate is this offer still good!? Haven’t been around the forum for a while.