Looking for a book

Hi has anyone no of a book called, Thames goldfields
and mines, do not know author.
Would like to buy a copy, look though that book case
Keith ,hope all is good.

Is it Thames Goldfields Miners Guide that you are after?
First printed 1868 anbd reprinted by Capper Press in 1975.

There are a lot of copies online and selling between $29 and $80 plus for Capper reprints. Have a look at this site as the best deals are here. Copy and paste the entire section as the blue link just takes you to Abe books and not the specific book.

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Thanks thats the book will now order one.

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Thanks for the info Lammers, will have a look online to, need a new book for the collection

early book bt salmond 1966 has a lot of info I have also been dooing a lot of research can swap info for gold Ha ha reply williefinlay@gmail.com

Try a website called forgottenbooks.com
It could be in print or they may be able to reprint it for you
I had some old lost and forgotten NZ mining bibles reprinted there

May the Gods of Gold favour your endeavour

Do you mean Hearts of Gold by J T Salmond

This one Graeme?? :cowboy_hat_face:

yes that was the one I was thinking of though to be honest never thought much of it. A good beginners book I guess but not detailed. I was wondering if that was the one he was thinking of? There are better ones.

I agree. :cowboy_hat_face:

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