Looking for 5 inch or lightweight 6 inch dredge

Hey guys :slight_smile: and Girls :grin: just wondering what is around looking at a 5 inch dredge with air and hot water would be good or a 6 but has to be portable if you got pics that would be good too :slight_smile:
Realistic Price offers only… Cheers :sweat_smile:

yep you could buy mine IF you can find it 6"

Yeah bloody people stealing gear from other people…scums…are way to lazy to work for it so they still someone’s Dredge
…karma will get them for sure… sorry for you loss hope someone points you in the right direction so to get it back I think I will be putting GPS location on my dredge and if someone ever comes and get it I be able to track him down and get my gear back and he will pay twice for it that’s for sure … Bastards !!! :)…
I keep a eye open …

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give me a ring ,

Hey all good we are sorted now :slight_smile: