Long shot but worth a go

Good day all. As the title says this is probably a long shot and I know this gets asked quite often. My name is Stu and I live in Greymouth. I used to own a half share in a claim in the Moke river behind Queenstown so I do understand the cost that is involved is having a claim. I moved to the west coast 3 years ago and had to sell my share in the claim to afford to buy a house. I still get out and do a bit of panning and sluicing in the public areas. I am looking for a claim owner on the west coast up to the Murchison area that would possibly let me on there claim to do some sluicing and high banking. I am happy to pay a percentage of the gold recovered or maybe a daily fee. In time when money allows I would like to buy into a claim or get one of my own but at this stage I can not afford to do this. I am happy to supply references if that is any help. If you want to reach out please do . Thanks