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Lodging a gold claim on Mars

Just wondered what the due process be to lodge a gold claim on Mars.
Send a rocket from Mahia to bring back some Marion cheese?..check it out.
Looks like some huge untouched gold reefs over there…just bring the jack hammer…lol

Too late l have already claimed it under Maori traditional rights and compensation for lands taken in the past.

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Whether you have claimed it or not the Chinese will just take it anyway just like Antartica where they are now building military bases and drilling for minerals all totally in breach of the International Treaty that China also signed

Nuke the bastards! They are going to bring this world to war…at my age l dont mind as it’s better to go west dying defending the border from invading hoards than die in an old peoples from which l would be expelled anyway for errant behaviour trying to organize a key party or booking in strippers or naked dancing girls.

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Who says it is gold anyway? Doesn’t look like gold to me.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Now that I am home from a failure duck hunting trip I can see the video on my PC and it doesnt look like gold to me either. In fact I think it is fissures in the rock that have been infilled with another mineral such as calcite.

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