Lockdowns over. Motivation for winter dredging

Gopro shit the bed so sorry. Not much underwater video. Enjoy the gold


Awesome video!! I’m inspired for some adventure again now :metal:

Probably one of the best videos of gold dredging ive seen!
Well done mate!

Very cool! Brings back some great memories bro…nasty bobo on your finger mate…hope it wasn’t important one …lol!

awesome video goldstampx , love that country , fenced and possum hunted thru there a few years back got some good memories, you got some dodgy looking holes going on be careful. good luck

whos the man carrying 40 lts of fuel on your back as well as packing in that dredge. I know the area and I admire your effort .

Bloody good. Guessing thats up above canton? I used to do a wee bit over the hill in the pomahaka before it got claimed years ago. Big country in there. Shot a stag not too far from the last aerial footage down the valley a few years ago

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