Lockdown 2020 Claim

Just spotted an application for a claim named Lockdown 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:

Lockdown 2020 map


yep they are welcome to that area. I personally could never get much out of that creek


walked all over the place even onto the tops. nice place for a walk.


is that wakatipu Keith ?

Sitting in Doc estate too…worked pretty hard by L&M downslope of the faultline

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yep south end , Kingston I think . did a long walk along the tops a few years back now. caz and I were pretty stuffed by the time we got back

Me neither. In fact a mate of mine added some gold to it when he grabbed a pan out of my truck that unknown to him had some gold in it which he promptly lost into Whitten’s. That was a long way from home for you Keith. :slight_smile: It really makes me wonder why somebody would go to the expense of claiming & working those as they have been done to death. Even in “modern” times with digger & screen. For ever hopeful I guess.


Here is a bit of a read for you.Suction Dredge Gold Mining Claim (Nevis River) | Gold Dredging Forum
It is actually fudnz’s birthday today. My old mate Alan Dunford, who has now also sadly left this mortal planet. :cry:

Happy 76th birthday Al

Allan Nenthorn

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


in the days when we lived in chch. its quite amazing where you end up when you have a full tank of gas on a Friday night.
2.00 one morning found us stuck in a snow drift on top of the old man range trying to get to potters. trailer on with a dredge .
yes we got to see some interesting places.


Dredged this in the 80s and and 90s when I was still working for the council in roading and lived in kingston. Its been hammered.
Took out 12 oz out of both drummond and whitten creeks with a 5 inch. The boys from Cromwell used to go up there and suck it bank to bank as well.

Looks like this is the same outfit that want to lease out there claims as they have another one on the Manuherkia


Yes that is correct Keith.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi All, I am a 1/3 owner of NZ Gold Dredging Ltd who are behind this claim application.

We have applied for this ground to add to our group dredging venture - see thread below. We see this area as ultimately being 1, of 3-4 claims, which people can prospect and dredge on an annual fee basis.

Some really interesting comments above re the lack of gold… Two of us spent one afternoon in this area, we got colour in 80% of the pan samples we took, plus I sniped 2.4g of pickers in approximately 1.5 hours in the wetsuit, see photos below.

I have no doubt this area has been picked over in the past (as have all easy to access and well known areas in Otago) but that does not equate to sterilized ground. It just means you have to work, and think, about where and how you prospect.

Glad you enjoyed the name Gavin, its defiantly an interesting time to remember!


Any idea when you’ll be starting the new venture Sam?

We should have two claims ready for next summer Gav

Sam, the idea of shared claims or leasing has been discussed to death on here, so its good someone is making it happen. How many dredgers per year will you let on each claim and how much do you charge? People need to be mindful of your costs of annual fee, access applications and fees and resource consents you will need to pay too so getting that balance right will be tricky. Will your arrangement limit a miner to one or both of your claims?

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i would be certainly interested please contact me with more details as they arise super keen danno

Hi Darryl, we haven’t finalised those details yet, and the management balance will most likely evolve annually as we learn what works and what doesn’t.
We do envisage having one annual membership, which allows use of all active claims. This will give members the flexibility to make use of the time of year, area, and style of prospecting they want to conduct.

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Hi Danno flick me an email at sam@prospectsolutions.co.nz and I will keep you posted as things progress