Lobo needs tune-up

Hello to All Members,
I have just joined up and I’m looking for advice on repairing my MD, I have myself a Tesoro Lobo but she needs some tender loving care. I bought it second hand and had a problem right away, after putting it all together and turning it on she started to make a terrible noise.
I noticed that when jiggling the coil connector it would come right for a little bit, so I opened up the 4 pin coil plug and separated the wires in there further apart. That fixed the problem but whether I repaired it or not is another matter, I’m certainly no technician.
Now after giving it a good run and finding many pre-decimal N.Z. coins at the old rugby field, she acting up again. The pin point mode has stopped working, I think she’s dialed in ok but still no go. Is there anyone out this way (south island) or in N.Z. who can repair my MD properly? I need the best man on the job site because I love my Lobo and want the very best care for her.
Any recommendations as to where I could take it would be much appreciated. If all else fails I would have to send it in to the factory, if it’s still there and that’s going to cost a few skins for shipping. I would also like to build a good rapport with the techy because I wish to have some mods done, like pin point trigger, external pot for GB, coil tuning and to pick their brain till the cows come home.
If there is anyone here who could repair her for me all the better, I really want to speak MDing with them, I have so many questions to ask. So thanks for having me/us(wife also) here and eagerly waiting your replies. P&D.