Little mid week howard valley Trip 24/8 0.529g


Some nice wee pieces in there. Need to get out myself soon!

Cheers Gavin! the water is warming the time is close to spend a weekend at it!! :slight_smile:

Nice pan with good flakes. Just come in from the garage where I was sorting out my fossicking gear. Everything looks in good order so I’ll be away at the first opportunity. Seeing that gold has started me itching (sign of incurable gold fever) I’ll be putting in some time on Louis creek and hopefully see a few pans like yours. Just wish I lived closer.

Good luck and thanks for sharing,


Hey Ken
it’s coming that time of year frost have pretty much gone around here so Gold Fever is alive and well lol
Louis Creek is cool little creek to dig as well!! your spot you have been working is still there waiting for ya :slight_smile:

Good luck to you out there stay safe and find some yellow stuff :slight_smile:

That looks great, to cold for sand flies Bill.

Nice finds, like the look of the creek. Roughly how many hours work to be rewarded with your treasure please ?

Six 20L buckets of classified 12mm!! Hours 4-5

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Thanks for that, wow good reward for your effort, I’d be pretty wrapped, thanks for sharing.