LINZ & DOC Access Agreement Fees

Anyone mind sharing how much they pay LINZ / DOC per year for access agreements for dredging? I get the impression that it’s quite variable.

I’d be also interested in hearing about any fees you have to pay private land owners for access also.

For LINZ, I know of half a dozen. One is without fee on the proviso the landowner gets a dozen big bots (Speights of course, not that north island bog-water) each time you go there (i shit you not), a couple are 100$ pa and a couple are $1,000pa.
For a group claim, I’m sure we could get a cheap rate.

Re DoC, they too can be kept minimal if its their land. For marginal strips they try and seek a concesion, but that can be knocked on the head too with a sweetly worded letter.


How about access if claim area is covered by paper roads and “hydo area” on WAMS? Would this be considered LINZ or free access?

You would need to shown me where you refer to, or if you dont want to
reveal your secret spot send a WAMS image that replicates the situation you
are asking about…

Darryl Sycamore

Hi Darryl,

Here’s a perfect example…

To the west of the river is DOC land, but the river itself has a paper road area both sides.

I’m not interested in this particular area, just general looking around for rivers with better access for group claim where access fees might be lower / not needed.


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OK, so in this example you have, as you said the darker purple which is formed (or unformed) legal road.
The blue is LINZ (but always needs a status report for confirmation), light purple is marginal strip. By the letter of the law if you are mining for pecunary gain you need a DoC easement. This is easily worked around so you dont with a little arm twisting.
Green is indeed DoC conservation estate which can have a range of status from reserve to national park. yellow is a DoC layer of some sort also.
All these areas in a colour are generally public access…

generally if you mine on doc land you pay .if you cross doc land to get to where you are going you pay. if you are on linz land you pay. you are not allowed to dig up legal roads. in other words you pay and not just once its each year abit like your crown min fees. you pay

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@Mangrove thank you :slight_smile: I should have provided a legend originally…

The purple down either side of the river is paper roads, merging with a real road (marginal strip is red on this map). And yellow is crown land.

So a LINZ access agreement is needed to access the blue hydro area in general then?

And how do you obtain a LINZ status report? Is this a matter of chucking a bit of cash at LINZ to do the research for you?

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You can expect to pay 700$, and a little work up front. happy to sort that though

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Much appreciated! :slight_smile: