Lewis chainsaw winch

hey any body out there used a lewis chainsaw winch for shifting boulders am thinking about getting one

Sure have used one, but on utes, jetboats, logs & cattle. They work best with a pulley to double the grunt but you have to watch the drum as they tend to overspool in one spot making the rope near impossible to free up. I use a honda portable winch these days. Both hate being dropped in the drink. Bang for your buck is the good old Tirfor winch. Hand cranked but can handle a swim.

hey thanks might look at tifor instead , as id b in water alot

hi webby . I always used a turfer winch when I could park the truck in the river

yeah might stick with the turfer , cant get truck anywhere near river but a few willows about, hope u isolating well

yep … bloody hard when the suns shining and the black dog wants to go walking. rivers are running low the bush is dry but skins arnt ready yet. I wonder if china will be buying this year?
never mind the old landies not using much petrol

wish I was in a possum infested valley ,the market will bounch back im sure , but doubt its big on chinas to do list , think basically bush have stopped buying fur full stop , would be a shame if you had to listen to roaring stags well going around the trap lines

Hi yes i us one on the claim works well, we have move some big rocks
tried to up load a video not shore how