Lease or dredge for a percentage on your claim

Hi there I’m looking a claim to dredge on or lease for a short or long term I have 5inch dredge and would be keen to do a 60/40 percent depending on the gold on the me if interested

That’s pretty high percentage I pay 15%

60% me 40% you, soundz good to me, dan at 15% is probably around the market average, but you offer is very agreeable to me.

Nah mate 60℅ for me 40℅ for you 40 for me is just not worth it cause you will find that at least 10 to 15 will go on cost mostly fuel

To be honest percentage royalties for claim holders are risky. The chance of under declaring is high particularly for people you don’t know.

Might be a different story if you trust them but gold does interesting things to people


Yea that’s true I’ve learnt a lesson on those one two years ago I built a 8" and leased it to a guy I thought was a mate at end of season I walked away with nothing but a really damaged dredge no gold came my way.the funny part of the story was this last winter came wanting to lease a 18hp pump he had damaged

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You sure hit the nail on the head. Back in the 1970s I took a guy from Outram in Otago…a place which I have more than once heard the people there described as ‘Interbred and quite mad’…to a secret spot of mine in the hills. He asked me to take him so I did. When we got there I asked him to help move rocks but he sat on the bank and went for walks and never lifted a hand to help. At day’s end he asked for half the gold. He never contributed to lunch nor petrol. He didn’t help. I told him that he had not helped nor shared costs so nope I would keep the gold myself. The amusing part about the entire exercise was that he later attempted to claim that stretch of river. That is what some people are like. It was in the headwaters of the Waitahuna. When it comes to gold it does do strange things to people.
Five people now have been caught fossicking on my place. Two of them members of Paydirt. These ones obviously troll the site to milk it for information and capitalize out of that information.
Yes gold does do strange things to people but those types are arseholes to start with.


Im with you on the Lammerlaw! There is a small element on here that troll and look for info to milk another persons claim. Both myself and another 3 x claim holders all in my vicinity have been having issues with claim jumpers and Im not talking sluice and panners ( I have no issues with these guys as thats how we all started out and Im a big believer in paying it forward!) but im talking illegal dredgers.

If it’s got a Honda on it. Shot holes in the pontoons. When it sinks they will have a hell of a time getting it to float again to take home. Thats when you recover it and have yourself a second dredge. Remember. Possession is 9/10th of the law. And I say a honda because if you sink it, dry the air filter and change the spark plug and give er a pull. Back dredging again before they show up to see your new dredge in action. Lmao


Here we go wild west shoot out don’t know about that one but taking a piece of their equipment is understandable which in our days it’s called a taxable offense no.shoot with a fire arm just might get you sent to prison

Awesome ideas, and stories keep em coming.
Anyone who poaches on someone’s claim deserves whatever comes their way. No idea of prospecting and too f-ing lazy to boot.

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If your worried about going to jail. Just make sure you miss the pontoons. Then you don’t even have to worry about the air filter or spark plug. A good half hour dredging and you should have a hole that needs to be filled. Hahaha

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ANY and I say ANY use of a firearm is a strict NO NO. That is a good way to lose firearms licence and the firearms…not just the one used but all of them.

If they have no right to be there then the confiscation of their gear is a good scheme and surrender it to P & M or the Police…or Advertise it as being found on the claim as being used to perform an illegal mining operation and that it will be released on payment of a fee OR sold to defray value of gold lost through that illegal operation…a bit of legal advice there would probably confirm your rights to do that.

But fill it full of bullets - well you might be thinking ‘Sink the Bismark’ but the there are times when the arseholes win against the innocent party…in other words the wanton destruction of their unit might cost you more than its worth.

What I would do personally is to give it to the police together with the complaint that you found it on your claim and you wish to lay a claim against the owner but also wish to hand it in as ‘lost property’ - theoretically if it is not claimed within six months it should be yours - there is more to it than that but that is the simple scenario.

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anyone know what the fines are for illegaly mining without proper consent , be good to remind some people if a prosecution were to happen, and there are guys out there pushing there luck

No so long ago this old fella came and borrowed some cameras to attach on trees as he was having problems with people going on his brothers claim so I went along with him to plant the cameras on and sure enough these two young dum c***ts decided to take their 2inch dredge and a little tent,when we got there they had drunk a bottle of whisky or some sprit because the were so drunk we dug a hole put their feet and covered the hole and they had been also hunting and a pig was hung on a tree so I took some blood and smeared it on their pants when they wake up they thought we had chopped their legs man the look on their faces priceless.
These kind of people make us the ones with no claim have no trust by other claim owners to dredge on their claims when ask

Good advice, thanks. Also remember, their gun shoots just as straight as yours.
Most people that talk big about shooting poachers are gutless.

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People have been caught dredging in the arrowtown public area, 1 person I heard got caught twice in under 6 months. Nothing happens no confiscation or fine, a slap in the wrist and a don’t do it again obviously is no deterrent.


Gutless hey. Should have seen how fast the 2 guys I caught poaching last year back peddled when they relized I wasnt gonna back down from a fight. And it wasnt even on my claim.

Being legal is a waste of time if you catch a poacher. They don’t care. The cops don’t care. Nobody cares. Its like when someone breaks into your house and your home. The cops show up in 30 min. But if you call and say that you have them cornered and if they move your gonna shoot them. You will never see police arrive so fast in your life.

It’s only illegal if you get caught. So don’t get caught.

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I was involved on the Danseys pass claim on the Marawhenua when it was first claimed up a number of years ago and remember the moaning of the self entitled at the time saying how they had been dredging since Adam was a Cowboy etc and they had a right to the river and by claiming it up had taken away their livelihoods blah blah. Basically it was a select group of bludgers who like to moan and bitch from Oamaru and surrounds that had been illegally dredging. This was played out on the old forum actually ( Dansey's Pass Claim - General Gold Discussions - Old Forum Archive - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking ) and also in the local newspaper ( Anger over rights to mine gold | Otago Daily Times Online News ) and unfortunately there are still members on this site that somehow think its OK and believe it is justified to use the excuse of “well ive been doing this for x numbers of years and Im entitled and your a cunt for claiming it argument” .

I’ve seen an approach that works well as a claim holder is go see your local cop, introduce yourself and show him your paperwork for the claim. Also give the local cop Jackie Adams contact details. Local cop then makes a call to Jackie so as to familiarize himself with the law and realize the legality of illegal dredging under the eyes of the law is equivalent to theft. Once an illegal act is underway, film the act and ring the local cop. Local cop arrives and gathers evidence and/or can arrest.
I’ve seen this approach work well including the confiscation of homemade dredge, mining gear and trailer when caught. The other time ive seen this work well is local cop gives illegal dredger ( father/young son family outing didn’t realize it was an active claim) a warning and illegal dredger ends up leasing ground of owner of claim (win win for all parties)

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Without a shot being fired. Thats the point… .