Laundering Money, Just Scamming Fools, or Both!

Well I mentioned some pointers that seemed to be a little over priced in the past

And it looks as if people are at it again:
$NZ143 reasonable.

$NZ2600 hmmmm… that’s a tad on the expensive side

Why am I hunting for gold & treasure, when clearly this is a sure fire way to cash in.

As long as there are gullible idiots who have dreams of untold riches there will be scammers and thieves ready to take their dollars.
Probably Nigerian scammers.
I am very impressed that it can locate Esmeralda…if it can locate Esmeralda then it could be quite useful locating other missing people!

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gullible idiots who have dreams of untold riches

Pretty sure I fit into that category.

Thats not a bad thing because life is full of dreams and without dreams there is also no reality because everything that ever was began as a dream!
Is that another wise saying by Mr Me?.

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I know a guy who bought one of those things (against all warnings). Didn’t work obviously, so it was pulled apart (as in totally wrecked/dismantled).
There are ‘some’ sort of electronic do-dads fitted but there are no actual electrical connections anywhere between any of the do-dads.
It’s a pile of junk, assembled to look convincing.
Old story, a fool and his money…etc.

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The scum who fleece others should be hung drawn and quartered - 'They used to hang horse thieves but you cant hang aresholes - they havent got a neck!'
Hmm I will put that saying into my new book on wise sayings…by ME!

I say; public shaming of both idiot & the scammer!

It makes me angry :rage: when you see a couple of people who’ve lost all thier savings to one of those dodgy investment schemes:
:eight_pointed_black_star:GET FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT :exclamation:
:eight_pointed_black_star:Research before you do something :exclamation:
:eight_pointed_black_star:NEVER INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE PLACE; Diversify :exclamation:
:eight_pointed_black_star:IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it often is :exclamation:
:eight_pointed_black_star:TRUST YOUR INSTINCT :exclamation:
:eight_pointed_black_star:The world is full of bad people, DON’T BE A GULLIBLE IDIOT :exclamation:

While I’m on a Rant;
Another thing that pisses me off, is when people are in the media crying about lost videos or photo’s on stolen devices/computers.
BACK YOUR :poop: UP :exclamation:
You can easily get a cheap SD card, they are quite resistant to water damage, easy to hide & store away from your house (in case of fire).

Did I mention people that lose jewelery at the beach… I’M IN LOVE WITH THOSE IDIOTS :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Rant over :sleeping:


Great advice GoldPandemic,keep up the good work!!!

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what a bargain. picks up all sorts of crap and even paranormal phenomena. amazing piece of kit. yeah right.

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That’s a great selling point, the sales people really have their marketing on point!