Last seasons gold

This is just a bit of a play with the new site so I thought I would post some pic from earlier this year. I am a basic fossicker with a shovel and a river sluice, I bagged 1oz for my effort and hope to do even better this season


Nice gold, i like your winch system for the boulders , i do the same with strops and try and get right under them.

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Nice gold and I’m liking the winching!

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You deserve that gold for the effort you would have put in to find it (knowing full well where you have been working).

Pretty tough going lugging that block and tackle in too!!! those things weigh a tonne! I use a 4T wire puller and a similar setup with a tiedown strop and tow strap, works out quite light but the pulls are slow.

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Thanks guys, yeah it’s hard yakka shifting rocks and slows the sluicing but to get the good gold you have to work at it. There are easier place to work than Louis creek but I’m loving the nice flakes I find there. It’s a four an a half hour road trip to get there from Christchurch so I try to make every shovel full count.

Cheers, Ken.