Last Couple Of Outings

This is the result of my last two outings, not heaps of stuff but I was pleased with what I dug ! I was rapt to score the two pennies and the half penny. Also first my first Florin,Shilling and Threepence. The round thing, top left, is a cast iron something, wouldn,t have clue as to what! The brass anchor was also pretty cool to dig. I,m not sure what it had been used as, it has no pin or anything on the back to suggest it was a brooch or something like that. Interesting bullet projectile with the seeve around the base, not sure what calibur it might be. Keep on swinging !!


Could have a small cannonball there…

Chunky silver nice! Going good man!!

Great stuff. That’s not a bad haul.

The picture is a bit deceiving because the object is not completely round ! when you look at it side on there is a flatish edge all the way around about 30mm thick and then underneath it is flat across. Unusual !