Land Permissions

Hey, i was wondering if there was an easy way to get in contact with land or claim owners in the interest of just fossicking with a stream sluice and pans. I live in dunedin so have been looking at areas like Deep Stream, Three O’Clock and the like.

We had gold mining interests in Deep Stream for over 30 years…parts of it are virtually totally cleaned out and definitely not worth going to. Should you get permission from the current claim holders get in touch with me and I will point out some likely places in which good gold should still be found. I have never told the current claim holders who approached us when we held the claim. We willingly gave them permission to go there to prospect for gold and asked nothing in return and although there is good gold there yet I wouldn’t ask them for a thing so am happy to share what I know with others.
As for Three O’clock Creek - my uncle got 6 ounces one afternoon there but it is patchy. I got a little there but found it too patchy to really persist when there were better places to go.

Not sure there is an easy way to make contact, however you can click on the Permit Map in the above menu, find the claim you are interested in (red line) and click on that to show names of claim holders, I guess from there you will need to research for a contact number/address.

Sweet, thanks, ill have a look in the yellow pages for names.
Also, i had a look on NZ property tiles and some rivers are white with no ownership indicating. Does this mean that if i park at the road and walk only along the river, that would be fine? thinking about areas like silverstream catchment and hills by outram
Im new to all of this

Strictly speaking we need a claim to be able to work any areas legally, or permission from the claim holder, the safest option is to visit some of the public fossicking sites which are listed under location on the above menu. There is some good gold to be found in some of these areas if you put the time and effort in. That said I’m sure other areas get a visit from time to time, excluding claimed areas I would hope.