Land hunt in the park

gday beaches a waste of time so went for a park hunt,scored some spends but at last found a park that still holds silver and not been hammered,did not dig any small silver coin signals,will save that for later.did get a nice silver ring was happy to find out was hallmarked for pandora a daisy chain ring.will be back at this park soon if beaches dont improve,good luck


Good score on the ring are you using the same machine as you use on the beach?

hi chris,iam using the 3030 in the parks mainly with everything discrimed out except dollar coins and big silver just to get an idea of the age of this first hunt in this park,i put a notch in the program for 5c coins this is the sweet spot for the small gold rings,this ctx is very good at target id foil comes in at this number but unless its in a tight ball its easier to pick out.

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