Lake Mahinerangi / Waipori

For anyone that’s down in the locality, I wonder if some of the old exposed creek beds might be worth hitting with a detector? Almost virgin ground for modern toys I’d imagine…


It is not as low as it was about 1990 and it was largely thrashed by a chap who worked for DCC Electricity. The river is claimed above the lake and in any case gravel bed.
You never know though. The guy who went over it with a detector years ago when it was even lower supposedly got a gold sovereign.


Interesting how they keep saying these sights are protected to preserve the artefacts , how does leaving them in the ground or underwater rotting & rusting protect them !! I used to live at waipori falls neat area up there I didn’t realise how big the old town they flooded was .

The guy who got a lot of stuff with his detector may have lived at Waipori Falls I think.

I used to live there to in the village from 87 to 93.My dad worked at the power station,great place.

I might have to fire up my old Hamilton jet boat and go for a spin I have heard a few story’s that there have been some nice bottles found up there?

Back many years ago prior to the historic places act I got many great bottles, hogsnout Gin and marble, torpedo and so many black bottles that in buried them on my place. Cherry toothpaste lids as well.

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Sounds great! Now it’s left there forever. Still be great to get out on the lake and have a look at the remaining bits of the town just out of interest

I do not know exactly how low it is but I do have photos of the gold dredge poking about three quarters out of the water back about 1990 and the water tower appeared to be out the same or more than it is now…will try to find them and put them on.


New Age Exploration are currently exploring the area - I’m invested in the company via the ASX. Why not join me? It could be a goldmine! :wink:

Interesting as there are rich gold reefs in the area. I have quartz specimens here in which the gold is clearly visible from Te Papanui DoC area as well as a sample from OPQ so the gold is there. As for investing? Not for me.

The town is still well under water and judging by the photos it was three or four foot lower about 1990.

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ive been told they are going to drop the water level 3m lower to do work on the dam so it might expose a few more things!

Hello, I was hoping to fish it hard this season from my boat…You might do better probably. Did your mates section pay out with gold?

That you Neil? It’s been awhile! Plenty of gold there unfortunately he sold the land to fund other projects before we could really get into it but there are other things on the go it all takes time! You still getting out for a swing?

Yeah 'tis me. Been busy with other stuff, and ruptured 2 disks in my back so couldn’t dig…even after the operation. Slowly coming ok. Look after yours mate…doesn’t take much to bugger it when you get older. Be careful how you dig.S

That’s no good! Hope you can get out and find some treasure soon

What is your best find since we last met Clark?

1874 half sovereign would be up there! How about you?