Kokonga rock mystery

My nephews and i went for a wander down the taieri between hyde and kokonga a wee while back. We found these interesting patterns in the rock…


And…Could they be sea shells? I know further up the Kyeburn towards Dansey pass pub there are scallop shells in the river bank rock. And up the little Kyeburn there are thin seams of coal.

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Don’t know, I’ve found the mussel shell’s and leaves in the sandstone from old lake manuherikia, but this is different. Lines and dots are so symmetrical.

Without seeing them in person;-

My answer - top one fossilized clay pigeon from an intergalactic clay pigeon shoot which took place 65 million years ago

Scientific answer - possibly limonite but it really needs to be examined first hand.


Of course it is… :joy:

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You’re telling me its not a control panel from an ancient alien base situated in the capburn volcano??
Ripped off.

Looks like basalt rock. So some form of inclusion or a type of zeolite. Trying to remember back to my geology days at uni

My thoughts were also basalt rock knowing that area a bit. Funny some of that areas that had volcanic activity when you wouldn’t think it did for a second. Especially around Central Otago.

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Thanks, it sure is basalt, the stuff dunedin railway station is made of. The quarry it came from is above kokonga, a really interesting place geologically. Would be a great location for an evil geniuses hideout…

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Would imagine that due to Basalts intrinsic’s nature of being an aphanitic extrusive igneous rock formed from the the rapid cooling of low viscosity lava rich in magnesium and iron exposed close to the surface of obscure Central Otago locality’s (Kokonga). That during the well documented and often discussed intergalactic clay pigeon shoot/festival that occurred on good authority 77.5 billions years ago, not as stated 65 millions years ago, a fortunate clay bird was immortalised for eternity.

Yep, that is right.

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Hi Matt. How you doing? Good score on that CTX 3030. Cheaper than buying a new coil for it. I was pretty keen on throwing a bid in myself but realised I would most likely not end up using it.

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Hey John,

Had one for a while, but these detectors have a steep learning curve and was time poor/cash strapped so on sold it.
At the end of the day I enjoy running a beeper be it gold or relic’s but hitting on Au is the business. Do you get over the hill to Wanaka?